Maria Koshenkova

06.10.2018 – 13.01.2019

A Study exhibition with new works by Maria Koshenkova.

Maria Koshenkova (b. 1981) was born and educated in Sankt Petersborg in Russia, but she has been living and working in Denmark for more than 10 years. She was educated at St. Petersborg Stieglitz Art Academy, Russia, 2004, and The Royal danish Art Academy’s School of Design in Denmark, 2006.Her work in glass has been presented at Glasmuseet Ebeltoft on other occasions, most recently in the exhibition, “Scandinavian Glass – Starting All Over”.

In her latest project, Maria Koshenkova has been inspired by traditional Japanese bondage, called Shibari. During a recent residency at the Aichi University in Nagoya, she had the opportunity to learn about Shibari, while experimenting with new glass objects. She was invited by professor and artist, Masahiro Sasaki, and video artist, Izuru Mizutanio, but during the residency, the photographer, Yoshiaki Kita, and Go Arizue, who masters Shibari, also got involved in the project.

Shibari is an ancient practice, where a person binds another person with rope using knots and certain techniques. Using her own body as a sculptural material, Maria Koshenkova was bound and suspended by Go Arizue in various ways. From these actions she created a series of objects using rope and glass, which, in combination with photography and video, are at the heart of the exhibition and the project entitled “Restrain & Release”.

The introduction to the art of Shibari gave Koshenkova a whole new understanding of sculpture, of her own art and of her approach to materials. Shibari, which in Denmark is often linked to something erotic, opened up for a new approach to sculpture, where the body is the material. The experience gave reason to thoughts about being in control and of letting go and going with the flow, Koshenkova explains.

Maria Koshenkova’s work has recently received a lot of international recognition. Her work has been shown in Denmark as well as abroad, and earlier this year she was represented in Mindcraft18 in Milan with a new work in glass and tarmac.

Restrain & Release is a Study exhibition. The Study was launced by Glasmuseet Ebeltoft in 2008 as an exhibition concept, which allows young glassmakers and established artists to show projects of an experimental and innovative nature.  Read more about The Study here.

Restrain & Release can be seen at Glasmuseet Ebeltoft 06.10.2018 – 13.01.2019.

The project has been created in collaboration with:

Izuru Mizutani (video)
Yoshiaki Kita (photo)
Go Arizue (Shibari)

Production of the works has kindly been supported by:

Knud Højgaards Fond
Statens Kunstfond



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