The glass studio is closed for the winter. See you again in April 2022!

In the grounds of the museum a glass studio can be found. The studio is in action from spring to autumn and visitors are able to follow the magic of glassblowing as the hot sirupy mass is formed into beautiful items of glass. Our professional glassblowers are happy to explain the process as the work progresses.

During school holidays a number of activities are arranged for both children and adults, such as sand casting, glassblowing, fusing and sandblasting.

Activities for visitors
During the Summer holiday, visitors can make their own small work of art in glass. See the programme for sandcasting, fusing and sandblasting activities HERE.

The studio can be hired by professional glass makers for shorter periods.

Opening hours
The glass studio is open from spring to autumn, and closed on Mondays. Call the museum and ask for exact opening dates, if you would like to make sure, that the studio will be open, when you plan to visit the museum.



As a professional glass artist you can hire the museum’s hotshop for DKK 700 per day (9am-5pm) plus material cost of gas, glass and electricity.

We have a special deal available for anyone who would like to rent the studio for a longer period of time: Rent 5 days and get 2 additional days free. In other words, if you rent the hotshop for a week, we give you the weekend free of charge. There is, however, still the possibility for you to spread the days you would like to work over a longer period. You just need to agree the days in question with our studio manager, so it fits in with everyone.

In addition to this, if you need an assistant while working in the studio, it is possible to hire one or both of our glassblowers. Price per hour is DKK 165.

You can, or course, bring your own assistant, in which case, you will be responsible for him/her.

The use of our coldshop is free for everyone renting the studio. This means that you can coldwork the items produced in the hotshop during the period you have rented the studio, and finish them if necessary.

If you are only interested in renting the coldshop, the price is DKK 350 per day (9am-5pm/6pm), plus the cost of electricity.

All rental agreements must be made with our Studio Manager.
You can contact the studio by mail : 

Please make all bookings as early as possible. If, for some reason you have to cancel your booking, please inform our Studio Manager at least 24 hours prior to start. Cancellations received after this will be charged at full rate.

Please finally note, that we will be carrying out activities for the public in the studio throughout the summer. There will be fewer rent days available during this period.

We expect the studio to be open during the museum’s opening hours, so that visitors can follow the process of glass making.

The hot glass studio has the following equipment:
1 Cerama oven
1 small kiln
2 annealing kilns
scopes, pipes and punties in various sizes
1 large Cerama fusing kiln
2 gathering balls

The cold working shop includes*:
1 belt sander
1 engraving wheel (small selection of wheels and belts)
1 flatbed grinder for diamond plates
diamond saw
*Please be aware equipment is well used. If you require special equipment you must supply this.

For questions regarding studio hire please contact the studio by mail : 

If you would like to sell your products in the museum’s shop, please contact Anna Ibrahimi for further questions and arrangements regarding this on phone +45  86341799 or mail.


05.01-31.03: 10-16 WED-SUN*
01.04-30.06: 10-16 DAILY*
01.07-31.08: 10-17 DAILY
01.09-31.10: 10-16 DAILY*
01.11-30.12: 10-16 WED-SUN

*Open daily during 10am-5pm in school holidays. Closed on 24th, 25th, 26th, 31st Dec., 1st and 2nd Jan. 
See opening hours for THE GLASCAFÉ

GROUPS: (min. 20 people) 20% discount
CARERS for disabled visitors: Free
Tickets to Glasmuseet Ebeltoft give a 20% discount on admission to The Frigate Jylland, Ree Park Safari and Kattegatcentret within 7 days.


T +45 8634 1799