An exhibition project by Erin Dickson (UK) involving 15 artists from around the world
12.10. 2019 – 24.05. 2020

With the participation of a number of international glass artists from different countries British artist, Erin Dickson, examines ideas of national identity across borders in her ongoing project ‘Chinese Whispers’. The exhibition is part of ‘From Where We Stand – 7 Exhibitions on National Identity’, a collaboration between seven Danish art museums (see below). 

Chinese Whispers is a very sim­ple game where a group of chil­dren stand in a line or a circle and the first person in the line whis­pers a brief message to the next one and so on. When the last person is reached, they say the message out loud for everyone to hear. By then, the message will usually have changed beyond recognition.

The exhibition Chinese Whispers is a whispering game for glass artists. The first message was a description in one hundred words of how Venetian glass­blower Silvano Signoretto recreated a vase based on a photograph given to him by British artist Erin Dickson, who developed the concept for the exhibition. Signoretto’s mother tongue is Italian and his words were translated into English using Google Translate for the next artist in line, James Devereux from Great Britain. He was then given the task of reproducing the vase based on nothing but the English Google description. And so the process is repeated – the artists create their vases and describe how it was done, which is then Google translated to the native language of the next artist.

Borders are adopted dividing lines. Some were defined so far back in history that they seem natural to us, but they were man-made just like the idea of nationality. An implication of defining such borders is that two realities are created; one on one side of the border and one on the other. On each side we experience the world from our perspective.

In the modern world, globali­zation has escalated while the innate mechanisms remain the same: people and cul­tures influence one another. The exhibition at Glasmuseet Ebeltoft subtly seeks to reflect this, showing what happens when people on each side of the border, each with their own perspective on reality, relate to one and the same thing. The interpretation – or misinterpre­tation – of the same message by individual artists, gradually leads to the original Italian vase being transformed until it is no longer recognisable. The transforma­tion is in itself both worthwhile and entertaining. But the under­lying point goes much further, as it attests to the fact that nothing is static. It is forever changing.

Artists represented in the exhibition
Silvano Signoretto (Italy, James Devereux (Great Britain, Hyunsung Cho (Chorea), Sibusiso Mhlanga (Swaziland), Einar & Jamex de la Torre (Mexico), Rasmus Nossbring (Sweden), Zuheir Alkazzaz (Syria/The Netherlands), Mia Lerssi (Denmark), Jing Li (China), Nadège Desgenétez (France/Australia), Petr & Ondrej Novotny (Czech Republic), Kelly O’Dell (USA), Christina Hellevik & Leif Møller Nielsen (Denmark), Bevan Taka (Maori/Sweden), James Maskrey (Great Britain). 

Free magazine
Read more about this and the other exhibitions in the project in the free magazine, where you will also find articles on national identity. The magazine will be handed out during the exhibition period as long as the magazine is available. Download the magazine here.

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The project ‘From Where We Stand – 7 Exhibitions on National Identity’ has kindly been supported by:

Aarhus 2017 Europæisk Kulturhovedstad
Det Obelske Familiefond
Genforeningen 2020
Region Midtjylland
Statens Kunstfond

Chinese Whispers can be seen from 12th October 2019 – 24th May 2020.

Erin Dickson
By Silvano Signoretto (Italy)
By Einar & Jamex de la Torre (Mexico)
By Mia Lerssi (Denmark)


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